Our team are on hand to help prepare and file your corporate tax returns, meaning you’ll benefit from our years of experience in this intricate world.


There are plenty of potential obstacles when it comes to corporate tax that can have a serious effect on your business. Whether it’s the constantly-evolving tax legislation or being faced with an underpayment or overpayment of tax, it can really disrupt your cash flow and financial planning. Having a business that is both fully compliant and tax-efficient means that you’ll never have to worry about this – along with the satisfaction that you are paying the right amount of tax, and no more.

Outside of your business, we can also help to ensure that your personal wealth is managed as tax-efficiently as possible, whilst advising you on all of your personal tax-planning needs such asextracting profit from your business, remuneration and gifting strategies, and tax-efficient savings and investments, to retirement, inheritance and estate planning.

Where We Can Help

When it comes to corporate tax, some of the areas where we can help your business include:


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“SKS Bailey Group have looked after my accountancy needs for the past four years. They made big promises before I came on board and to date, they have exceeded on every one of them.

I am very happy with their service and continue to recommend them to anybody who needs tax planning advice and strategies moving forward. 

Most accountants I have worked with in the past act very cautiously and therefore not necessarily in my best interest, however Baileys have always put my needs first, impressed me with their detailed understanding of the tax code, offered effective strategies and invaluable advice with how to move forward and maximise the opportunities ahead.  However big or small your business, Baileys will help you take it to the next level.”

Gregg Kessler, Director

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