Do you and your accountant understand how much extra tax you will be paying next year and how much the changes will rise every year until 2023? Do you know the impact of losing the 10% wear and tear allowances? Don’t worry, we’re here to help.


Has it been suggested to you that you should put your assets into a Limited Company, to help you avoid paying the increased taxes? It really doesn’t work!

We’ve recently helped a client who has a portfolio of 10 properties and a value of over £3 million understand that putting his assets into a Limited Company could cost him £140,000 in SDT, plus other costs of up to £15,000.

Here at SKS Bailey Group, we are Chartered Accountants who help Landlords and Commercial Property owners achieve the most efficient tax structure possible by skilful use of our Property Tax Strategic Planning. We will help you reduce your tax bill to pay for this investment many times over.

Property Tax Planning

Advice on property holdings & transactions depends on whether you are an investor, trader or developer, and whether your property is commercial or residential, in the UK or overseas. We’re able to help you with the following: 

Knowledge & Experience

Property Capital Allowances should not be considered in isolation and a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing. Your professional Capital Allowance advisor needs to have a detailed understanding of taxes (VAT, stamp duty, income tax, corporation tax, capital gains tax & Inheritance tax) coupled with an in-depth understanding of the statutory requirements, the ability to conduct detailed property surveys, and the experience to be able to present logical, sustainable and evidenced reports to HMRC.

We are a nationwide group of Chartered Accountants with 16 Years’ experience in submitting Capital Allowance claims with a 100% success record.


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