We’re here to help you with the forecasting, monitoring and managing of your business’ cash flow.


Cash flow really is key to any business. For example, a business can be trading profitably, but if there is not enough cash there to meet its immediate needs, the business can still fail. Cash will mainly come into a business via sales and out through costs such as materials, labour, transport and power.

If you have more coming in than going out, you’ll have a positive cash flow and will be able to pay your bills on time. If in the short term you have more going out than coming in, you may struggle to pay your bills on time and would potentially need to borrow money to cover the shortfall. If this issues transfers to the longer term, your business may no longer be able to continue.

Our team are here to help you make sure your business has good financial management and the foresight to plan for whatever may happen.

How We Can Help

We can help you with your forecasting requirements whatever they may be. Below are some of the core areas we currently help our clients with, simply click each option to find out more.

All business owners have a “feel” for their business but not all will have regularly updated financial forecasts.

Our team of experts will be able to help you stay in control of your business by providing you with regular updated cashflow projections based on rolling forecasts for the next one, two or three years.

We can advise you of the peaks and troughs in your cash flow, monitoring actual results against budgeted performance. We can highlight if and when any banking covenants may be breached so that the business can take fast remedial action.

A good year’s results may result in a high corporation tax bill so we can firstly include such payments in the cash flow projection for next year and secondly call in our tax advisory team to see how the tax bill can be minimised.

Any expanding business will have greater demands on cash flow, as more and more cash is tied up in stock and debtors. This is technically called ‘overtrading’ and presents a cash flow management risk to many businesses, especially those that expand quickly after a period of recession.

Regular advice and recommendations from our team of experts will allow you to control the risk as you maximise the returns to your business.


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