We are specialists in Capital Allowances and can give you qualified tax advice in structuring your property portfolio and submitting your Capital Allowance claim. 


Capital allowances are an entirely legitimate, recognised part of the UK tax regime. Unlike many HMRC reliefs, capital allowances allow tax relief to be given or denied by statutory principle (Capital Allowances Act 2001), rather than by virtue of accounting standard.

Some of the rules on capital allowances are very complex – even for trained professionals and claiming this relief requires a variety of expertise such as legal, taxation, accounting and valuation, which are all skills that our dedicated experts have.

If you have purchased, built, or renovated a commercial property, our process has proven to maximise capital allowance claims and secure significant tax savings.

So if you’re looking to submit a claim or have some questions regarding your eligibility, feel free to get in touch with our team and we’ll do our best to help you. We’ve also included some helpful information to do with capital allowances for you below.

Why Us?

Capital Allowance Expertise

We are a team of specialists dedicated to advising and processing capital allowance claims associated with property. We have a team of dedicated individuals who work through capital allowance legislation to build an expert knowledge of qualified expenditure and ensure the correct approach is taken to every given scenario and property portfolio.

Taxation Knowledge

Our Chartered Tax Advisors are crucial in advising clients how best to utilise the identified unclaimed capital allowances and the best structure for your property portfolio. They have the ability to take into consideration clients’ existing tax position, the potential for tax refunds and potentially any Group or Sideways relief. We will also go further, discussing how the identified capital allowances could improve your current and future tax position.

Accountancy Skills

Our Chartered Accountants complete a high level of due diligence in the analysis of your Accounts, Tax Returns, Repairs and Renewals, and Fixtures and Fittings to support our approach when submitting claims to HMRC. We also offer a wide range of Accountancy services to assist all your business needs. To find out more about our Accountancy services click here.

Our Step-by-Step Process


Initial Chat and Review

After completing our contact form, one of our experts will give you a call to better understand your situation and discuss your potential claim and the information required.

Our team will then review your key property information, accounting, and tax records along with information held on public file.

Illustrate and Engage

Where a claim is possible, our Capital Allowance administrator we produce a bespoke illustration for you, indicating the potential claim and crucially how that claim could be applied to your tax profile.

Once you are happy and satisfied with our illustration, we issue our engagement documents for signing and a member of our Capital Allowance team will be in touch to organise your case and request any additional accounting or property information.


Property Survey and Review

Our Property Capital Allowance surveyor will contact you to arrange a survey of the property or gather key information for the surveying part of the process. Once completed, we will issue a Survey Report for you to review, provide feedback and discuss.

Technical Analysis

Using the valuations from the surveying process, the Capital Allowance team will complete an analysis of the information by applying the appropriate legislation and ensuring items are removed that do not qualify and should not be included in the claim.

Claim Summary and Tax

Our Capital Allowance team will then apply the available Capital Allowances pools to the highlighted and qualifying items in the most tax efficient way. For example, Annual Investment Allowance, Super Deduction, Structures and Buildings Allowances etc.

We will then produce your claim summary and determine the best approach for tax.

Claim Submission

We will amend your tax return and resubmit to HMRC, this process is completed with our chartered Accountants and a final report will be prepared and issued to you.

That's Not All...

Alongside your Capital Allowance claim our relationship doesn’t need to end there. We can analyse your current tax structure and review the most efficient way for you to proceed with your property portfolio offering you a wide range of Accountancy and Legal advice.

Want to find out more? Click here to contact us so we can assess your situation and how we can assist you.

What are Capital Allowances?

Capital allowances are a tax relief that can be claimed for property improvement or development. When you buy or improve a commercial property, HMRC allows you to use some of the money you have invested to set against your tax bill.

Plant and machinery and integral features are two of the main reliefs that make up capital allowances. Plant and machinery is equipment or apparatus used for running your business and can include fire doors, lighting and data points. Integral features are the necessary fixtures for your building which can include heating installations and air conditioning.

Below are some example savings you can make with capital allowances:

Plant & Machinery: 18% of the total costs. So if your Fire Alarm system costs £2,000, the allowances for the first year would be £360.

Integral Features: 6% of your total costs. So if your electrical rewiring costs £5,000, the allowances for the first year would be £300.

Who Can & Can't Claim?

We’ve broken down below for you some guidance on who can and can’t claim capital allowances.

Who Can Claim: Commercial Property Owners or Long Lease Holders or those paying UK Corporation or Personal Tax, but to do so the property must be part of a qualifying activity, such as trade and professions An overseas property business or furnished holiday let in the UK or European Economic Area would also be viable for a claim.

Claims Can’t Be Made By: Pension Fund Property Owners, Charitable organisations who own property, National & Local Government-owned properties, non-UK tax payers or companies trading property as stock.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why haven’t I heard about capital allowances?
Capital allowances are a specialist and not well-known area of taxation, however, they have been established in law since 1878.

Do the tax savings have to be paid back when I sell?
No, once the claim has been accepted by HMRC, they are there to be set against the tax of whoever owns the property.

Will it affect my Capital Gains Tax?
You are able to use the tax savings made from the Capital Allowances towards any CGT you may have to pay.

How much do you charge?
Our fees are based on a percentage of the Capital Allowances that we find. We aim to recoup the fees from your tax savings rather than asking for a payment up-front.

Can I claim for Multi-lets or Student lets?
You can claim for the non-dwelling and communal areas in these properties. The usual savings average from 10% – 12% of the original purchase price.


Along with all of the individuals and businesses we’ve helped over the years, we’ve also worked with nearly 1,000 accountants since we were established, helping their clients submit Capital Allowance claims on their Commercial / HMO properties. Many now refer their clients to us, as a matter of course.

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