A properly conducted audit will give you the reassurance that your accounts show a true and accurate representation of your accounting year.


Our philosophy is that an Audit is an ideal opportunity to review your financial management controls and reporting systems. The resulting process and performance improvements will also help improve your risk management procedures. Then you can plan and implement any changes that will improve your business, help you grow or address key challenges and risks.

Our goal is always to provide you with the necessary advice and support to create change, improving and guiding you and your business to a more successful future.

With a team that holds decades of experience in the industry, including Top 4 and Mid-Tier backgrounds, we’ve helped businesses of different sizes from every sector you can imagine. However, with our approach it’s about more than just an audit. Getting a full understanding of you and your business is our main priority.

This allows us to see everything from your side and provide high quality services that are tailored to your exact requirements – a real, personal touch.

*SKS Audit LLP is registered to undertake Audit services.

Our Audit Services

We are able to provide a full range of comprehensive audit services that can be tailored to your requirements.

Statutory Annual Audit

Interim Audit & Review

Non-Statutory Audit

Specialist Audit

Service Charge Audits

Regulated & Other Audits

Not For Profit Entities


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Our Service Commitment

With each and every one of our audits, we work to our minimum service commitment which you can read below.


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