the Bailey Group

The Bailey Group is a proactive Accountancy and Tax Consultancy to businesses and high net worth individuals.

In particular, Christopher Bailey Tax Consultants provide highly personalised guidance and advice across the entire spectrum of personal and corporate tax issues.

Whether you’re a high-net-worth individual, leading a tech’ start up or Financial Director of a complex multifaceted bricks-and mortar-business, the Bailey Group can help you optimise your tax position using innovative and ethical methods specific to your needs.


supporting you every step of the way


Whether you are looking for business or individual accountancy services, we are here to help advice and guide you.

Financial Management

It’s a fine balance when it comes to managing cash flow whilst maintaining adequate working capital and optimising returns.

We can help you ensure that you optimise the benefits your business generates without impacting growth.

Tax Consultancy

At Bailey Group, we cover all the tax services your business would need on a day to day basis and have specialist advisors we can call upon for the unusual “one off” occasions.


A selection of documents we think make clients lives much simpler