Financial Management

When it comes to financial management it’s a fine balance – managing cash flow whilst maintaining adequate working capital and optimising returns. Every transaction has an impact; every decision you make can tip the balance and affect the standing and prospects of your business.

Timing is everything; a late supplier payment can ruin your credit rating. A premature dividend could have serious tax implications. Co-ordinating transactions needs sound judgement and a detailed understanding of every aspect of your business. We can help you ensure that you optimise the benefits your business generates without impacting growth.

Mergers & Aquisitions

Mergers and acquisition provide a relatively quick way to establish market presence and share. Careful research can help identify opportunities to make two or more businesses far greater than the sum of the individual operations.

It’s not, however, a pain-free route to commercial success. If you’re considering a merger or acquisition, you need the benefit of our experience and the insight and qualified expert advice we provide.

We can help you:

  • Spot and evaluate opportunities
  • Undertake due-diligence
  • Negotiate the deal and the finance to see it through
  • Unify the financial and operational processes of two or more businesses
  • Restructure combined businesses for operational and tax efficiency

Business Tax Planning

Let’s face it, your business will have to pay tax. It requires research, detailed planning and careful execution to ensure that your business maintains its statutory obligations and doesn’t pay more tax than necessary.

We can support you at every stage in this process by:

  • Identifying the best legal structure for your business
  • Ensuring assets and operating costs are treated optimally within the taxation laws
  • Researching and implementing sector specific tax reliefs
  • Representing you in negotiations and investigations


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