We’ve experienced a lot of growth over the last decade, but our real goal is to help all of our clients grow and succeed by implementing a tailored strategy that helps them work more efficiently, effectively and more profitably. 


At SKS Bailey Group, we believe in finding a solution that works for you. We work closely with our clients to tailor a solution to fit them and their business needs, so whether you’re an SME looking for help with payroll or you’re an individual looking for help with personal tax, we give you a solution that works for you.

SKS Bailey Group are constantly striving to give back to our local communities and to improve our economic, social and environmental wellbeing. As a business we promote positive social conduct whilst encouraging participation and engagement from each one of our employees.

We also encourage and embrace diversity throughout the group, support multiple charities which are local to our practices across the region and host fundraising events and campaigns throughout the year. Our employees are at the forefront of the industry, so we promote employment and economic sustainability and encourage our employees to achieve their personal and professional goals through training, support, incentives and promotions.

We are also working towards becoming a completely paperless company and currently actively promote recycling throughout all of our practices. We have also partnered with Ecologi to plant trees each month to help achieve our sustainability goal. 

Our Values


We're proud of our diversity, which is a value that runs through our whole business. Our team is made up of amazing individuals, from varying backgrounds, that bring exceptional skills and knowledge for the benefit of all our clients. Alongside this, our organisational structure is extremely diverse, with a wide variety of services on offer which are all tailored to bring success to you and your business.


As a company, we put our people - both employees and clients, at the forefront of everything we do. When working with clients, we believe it is important to not only understand your business but also you as an individual, allowing us to make sure that we are all driving towards the same goal. This is the same with our employees, where personal growth and a positive work-home life balance are offered.


We pride ourselves on continually developing our services and how they are offered. By thinking outside the box, we're able to develop new methods that not only improve efficiency internally but deliver the best possible results for our clients. Together, this combination will provide a better future for all involved.


If you consider how technology has helped businesses improve over recent years, it's clear to see how significant it will be in the future. That's why we utilise suitable technology in everything we do now as well as when planning for the future, to bring even more benefits to our clients.


We believe that being honest and transparent is at the core of any successful relationship. That's why we ensure complete transparency not only internally between all of our team members, but also both ways with all of our clients. By doing this, we can ensure that we're always working together for a better future.

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